Commit 0248ced8 authored by Sebastian Pölsterl's avatar Sebastian Pölsterl

Added release notes

parent 314c8181
Version 0.1.4
This release fixes a couple of bugs and shows a timer icon
in gnome-dvb-control if a recording overlaps with the event
and a help message if no groups are configured.
- Import correct module in gnome-dvb-setup
- Fixed imports in Totem plugin
- Use action_remote instead of set_mrl_and play in Totem plugin
- Fixed problem when epg scanner was stopped during an active scan
- Renamed Timer.is_in_range to get_overlap_local. It now returns the type of the overlap, too
- Added HasTimerForEvent method to Recorder DBus interface
- Display timer icon in the first column if a timer exists that overlaps with the event in gnome-dvb-control
- Display help message if no devices are configured
- Only print debug messages with --debug is provided
- Mark timers button sensitive when group is selected
- Don't add device groups of unknown type
- Renamed get to get_event to avoid confusions with GObject's get method
- Renamed get to get_channel to avoid confusions with GObject's get method
Version 0.1.3
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