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README: Use detailed markdown README

Previously we had a sparse README that just pointed to the
wiki. While wikis are great, the README is where effort
should be put for a first impression.

Added some useful links, tutorials, and communication tips
for potential contributors.
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Documents is a document manager application for GNOME.
More information on
# GNOME Documents
A document manager application for GNOME.
<a href=''><img width='240' alt='Download on Flathub' src=''/></a>
## Useful links
**Report issues**:
## Hacking on Documents
To start working on Documents see the [general guide]( for building GNOME apps
with Flatpak and GNOME Builder. Then, [find a task]( to work on.
If you're unfamiliar with GJS, here are a few good places to start:
* The [beginner-level guide]( for working with GJS
* An overview of [working with GNOME APIs via GJS](
* The [documentation for various GNOME libraries]( in JavaScript
## Communication
If you need help, contact us at []( on Matrix. If you need a client,
we recommend using [Fractal](, a Matrix app built for GNOME.
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