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Update NEWS for release

Signed-off-by: 's avatarDavid Zeuthen <>
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gnome-disk-utility 2.29.0 (not yet released)
gnome-disk-utility 2.29.90
The gnome-disk-utility project provides libraries and applications for
......@@ -8,6 +8,212 @@ dealing with storage devices. It relies on the udisks project.
NOTE NOTE NOTE: This is an unstable release of gnome-disk-utility, all
API is subject to change.
NOTE NOTE NOTE: This release requires a git snapshot of udisks from
Feb 23, 2010. Find a tarball here
Andre Klapper (1):
Add missing files; sort by alphabet
David Zeuthen (163):
Start reworking the UI
Fix build
Merge branch 'master' into new-ui
Merge branch 'master' into new-ui
Add a new error dialog class
Merge branch 'master' into new-ui
Bump version to 2.29.0
Add new GduButtonElement and GduButtonTable to unify UI and code
Show partition flags in details tables
Factor common bits of GduErrorDialog into a new abstract GduDialog class
Add a dialog for editing partition type and flags
Semi clean-up of API docs
Make logical partitions appear in the right order in the volume grid
Add a GduConfirmationDialog and use it for deleting partitions
Fix VPD name for logical partitions
Move GduFormatDialog into libgdu-gtk and make Palimpsest use it too
Don't offer to create an extended partition when formatting a volume
Merge branch 'master' into new-ui
Handle LUKS volumes and show spinner in grid
Add a expander with detailed error message
Show filesystem details in GduFormatDialog
Implement "Format Drive" button
Update GPT partition types
Reorder GPT partition order to better handle conflicting GUIDs
Use _new_for_ instead of just _for_ in constructors
Wrap the text in the Details of the error dialog
Implement the "Create Partition" dialog
Add a way to change filesystem labels
Default to "Linux Swap Partition" GPT partition type for swap
Avoid being clever when a volume changes
Use "–" for partition flags, label when showing a non-partition volume
Don't show any buttons if media is unavailable
Ensure minimum width for elements in volume grid
Small UI fix for filesystems without labels
Use GduErrorDialog in newly written code
Make the "Check Filesystem" button work
Implement Linux MD RAID handling for the new-ui branch
Handle adding a component on a unpartitioned drive
Avoid showing "Not Partitioned" if there's no media in the drive
For swap volumes, show "Swap Space" instead of "–" in the volume details
Add support for minix fs and Error.Filesystem{Driver,Tools}Missing
Turn some warnings that are not fatal into debug messages
Add a benchmark dialog a show WWN, Write-Cache and Rotational Rate
Clean up UI in the SMART dialog
Add an icon for Host Adapters
Show HBAs in the tree view
Use _get_enclosing_presentable(), not _get_toplevel() to get the drive
Rename Controller to Adapter
Show port number of device, if available
Kill debug spew
Rework size/details in the pool tree view
Avoid using <small> twice for the pool treeview
Use "Location" instead of "Port Number" to convey the location of the disk
Show Fabric and NumPorts for HBAs
The number in "Number of Ports" for SAS HBAs really is number of PHYs
Handle DrivePort -> DrivePorts change in the daemon
Add support for SAS expanders
Unify Host Adapters and Expanders in the GduHub presentable
Use the name from GduHub in the Location: element for drives
Initialize drive_parent to NULL
Catch up with DeviceKit-disks being renamed to udisks
Nuke unused GduSection subclasses
Update translator comments
Nuke playground - the grid is now available in the GduVolumeGrid widget
Include correct i18n headers
Merge branch 'master' into new-ui
Update NEWS
Add experimental --address option to connect to a remote udisks daemon
Drop Linux prefix for Linux filesystems
Pick up ConnectorType property on the Port object
Rework remote connection handling - in particular tunnel it over ssh
For now, rely on $SSH_ASKPASS for user interaction when authentication
Add a connect to server dialog and use it in Palimpsest
Improve robustness / error handling for the client TCP bridging bits
Update for new location of udisks-tcp-bridge
Misc visual design fixes for the "Connect to Server" dialog
Clean up menu items
Fix logic error when constructing pool
Fix icon name computation for GduVolume objects
Make the "Connect to server..." menu item actually work
Ellipsize the text in the pool tree view
Use sftp:// and nautilus for mount point links for remote devices
Never track visited links for GtkLabel
Include name/vpd-name of selected presentable in window title
Track ssh connection and emit GduPool::disconnected as appropriate
Remove debug spew
Include the pool ssh address in the presentable identifier for GduMachine
Don't compare GduPresentable pointers - use stable identifiers instead
Include the parent id in the id for GduDrive and GduLinuxMdDrive
Use the same GduMachine for the life-time of the GduPool object
Handle no presentable being selected
Remove debug spew
Don't assume only GduDrive presentables are shown in GduDiskSelectionWidget
Fix up GduDiskSelectionDialog so it looks like GduPoolTreeView
Fix reference count issue with the singleton GduMachine
Use GduDiskSelectionWidget in GduCreateLinuxMdDialog
Include parent id in the id for GduHub
Fix tree view allocation snafu for GduDiskSelectionWidget
Add a "Use entire disks instead of creating partitions" check box
Log to stderr if we can't connect to the udisks daemon
First cut at LVM2 support
Track dynamic LV data (e.g. name and size) from the PV
Rename GduEditFilesystemDialog to GduEditNameDialog and generalize
Add a way to change the name of a Volume Group
Add a way to change the name of a Logical Volume
Make it possible to delete a LVM2 LV
Make GNOME Keyring usage optional
First cut add creating LVM2 Logical Volumes
Add UI for editing (add/remove) PVs in a VG
Fix typo in "Remove Physical Volume" button text
Don't add presentables to tree store unless they are part of the pool
Update for ABI change in udisks' LinuxLvm2VGRemovePV() method
If applicable, remove partition for LVM2 PV when removing the PV from the VG
Actually show the device in the Edit PVs dialog
Include a GtkSpinButton in the size widget
Add drive emblems and use them for RAID and LVM2
First cut at device-mapper multipath support
Don't show a list of components on the main screen
Show a cluebar if multipath is not set up
Make the icons in the storage list a bit bigger
Create virtual GduHub objects for various virtual devices
Unify look and feel of GduDiskSelectionWidget and GduPoolTreeView
Parse and export the LinuxDmmpParameters D-Bus property
Show a cluebar when selecting a multipath component
Make Drive + Volume sections insensitive when selecting a multipath component
Also show an emblem for paths of a multipathed disks
Add some new icons
Use abstract interface to create volumes
Rework how to ignore drives in DiskSelectionWidget
Also use the create_volume() method on GduDrive to add PVs to a VG
Use "Partially Synchronized" for slaves being integrated into the array
Catch up with udisks API changes and implement Expansion for Linux's MD RAID
Provide 24x24 application icon
Show a warning if a partition is not properly aligned
Handle quirky gnome_keyring_find_password_sync() behavior
lvm2: Implement various GduDrive vfuncs related to activation
Add gitignore file
Add a get_volumes() method to GduDrive
Make GduVolume's get_names_and_desc() usable by subclasses
Add open padlock to icon for LUKS cleartext volumes
lvm2: Use GduVolume's get_names_and_desc when activated
lvm2: Make it possible to get the LV name and use it
lvm2: Implement activate() and deactivate() GduDrive methods
Export methods used to identify volumes
Bug 610230 – Do not mark empty string for translation
md-raid: Don't offer non-working "Use entire disk instead of partitions" option
Don't enable tree lines for tree views
Add gdu_device_should_ignore() method
Use gdu_device_should_ignore() when creating VG and RAID drives
Make ignored GduDevice objects unselectable
lvm2: Don't include ignored devices in the PV list
md-raid: Don't include ignored devices in the component list
lvm2: Use device_file_presentation in dialog
md-raid: Use device_file_presentation in dialog
lvm2: Use P (instead of Y) as the accelerator for editing PVs
Use MP emblems for volume icons
md-raid: Properly ignore RAID components on MP components
Make it possible to turn off remote access
Update bug-report address
Bump version number to 2.29.90
Update NEWS for release
Frederic Peters (1):
Remove deprecated Encoding key from desktop files
Javier Jardón (1):
Substitute deprecated Glib symbol
Martin Pitt (1):
Add assertions to gdu-pool
Matthias Clasen (8):
Use stock delete and apply buttons
Fix library translations
Fix ngettext uses
Fix a number of string issues
Fix another string issue
Some forgotten strings
Translate file system types
Fix another string issue
Michael Biebl (3):
Bug 600996 — Add support for ReiserFS
Bug 600998 — We are using Xkb* functions, so make sure we link against libX11
Bug 600998 — General cleanup
Tomas Bzatek (4):
Nautilus extension: ref and unref objects correctly
Remove obsolete define and require glib-2.22
Don't crash when presentable has no device
Install missing include
David Zeuthen,
February 23, 2010
gnome-disk-utility 2.28.0
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