Commit b29b8955 authored by Kai Lüke's avatar Kai Lüke

Update project metadata

parent 2d5f6417
David Zeuthen <>
and the GNOME Project
......@@ -3,8 +3,7 @@ gnome-disk-utility development happens at in the GNOME git repository
Send feedback to and/or file bugs
in the GNOME Bugzilla at
Send feedback and/or file bugs in the GNOME Bugzilla at
This list is old and not updated, first take a look at
- For optical drives, replace "Create Disk Image…" with "Burn Image to Disc…"
- Also wanted: "Blank Disc…" dialog
......@@ -10,9 +10,11 @@
<property name="type_hint">dialog</property>
<property name="program_name">Disks</property>
<property name="copyright" translatable="yes">Copyright © 2008-2013 Red Hat, Inc.
Copyright © 2008-2013 David Zeuthen</property>
Copyright © 2008-2013 David Zeuthen
Copyright © 2009-2017 The GNOME Project
<property name="comments" translatable="yes">View, modify and configure disks and media</property>
<property name="website"></property>
<property name="website"></property>
<property name="authors">David Zeuthen</property>
<property name="translator_credits" translatable="yes">translator-credits</property>
<property name="logo_icon_name">gnome-disks</property>
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