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Update NEWS for release

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gnome-disk-utility 3.7.0
The gnome-disk-utility project provides the Disks and Disk Image
Mounter applications for dealing with storage devices and a
gnome-settings-daemon plug-in for notifying the user about problems
with storage devices.
Changes since gnome-disk-utility 3.6.1:
Daniel Mustieles (1):
Fixed typo in strings. Fixes bug #683772
David Zeuthen (178):
Initial MD-RAID support
Show array size and unify some formatting routines
If available, show block device when MD-RAID device is selected
Use enclosure icon for RAID arrays
Show information about array
Make it possible to start/stop RAID arrays
Slightly rework presentation strings for RAID arrays
Nuke "Home Host" field - just display it in the Array Name field if non-local
GduVolumeGrid: Nuke the container stuff
Show "RAID Array is not running" instead of "No Media"
Show jobs / operations for RAID arrays
Show "N required (M detected)" if not all RAID members are available
Merge branch 'master' into wip/mdraid
Split ShowFlags into separate enums depending on type
Use "Benchmark" instead of "Benchmark Drive" in the generic drive menu
Use "Job" instead of "Pending Operation"
Convey array state
Show progress bar for certain RAID sync operations
Add dialog for RAID disks
Make the remove button in the RAID Disks dialog work
Make it possible to show a check-box in gdu_utils_show_confirmation()
Use new @start-degraded option to make starting degraded arrays work
Slightly rework RAID Disks dialog
Add a "Go To Disk" toolbar button to the MD-RAID disk dialog
Catch up with D-Bus API change for the MDRaid:ActiveDevice property
Remove 'Degraded' field and make 'State' field convey if the array is degraded
Also show raid state when it's not running
Add 'Intent Log' field to convey whether a bitmap is being used
Convey RAID Chunk Size, if available
Capitalize Disks in the 'RAID Level' heading
Use short RAID description in 'RAID Level' field, not long
Port from udisks_client_get_drive_info() to udisks_client_get_object_info()
Use 'Write-Intent Log' instead of 'Intent Log' for header
Use 'Model or Name' instead of just 'Name' in the RAID Disks dialog
Show 'Running' for arrays with no redundancy when they're actually running
Merge branch 'master' into wip/mdraid
Make the "Go To Disk" button work on nested RAID arrays
Fix menu placement
Don't crash if udisksd drops off the bus
Use emblem-system-symbolic for drive menu
Ensure buttons in drive button box are square
Slightly change how values in the 'RAID Level' field are presented
Add a "Go To Array" hyperlink for Linux RAID members
Use "Benchmark..." as the menu item for volumes, not "Benchmark Volume..."
Take name, homehost into account when rendering Linux RAID members in the grid
Drop superfluous 'Using' in values for the 'Write-Intent Log' header
Add a "Create RAID Array..." menu item
Start working on the "Create RAID Array" dialog
Add 'Select Disk' dialog
Add window title to Create Partition dialog
Make the "Select Disks" dialog work inside the "Create RAID Array" dialog
Make the remove, up and down buttons work in the 'Create RAID Array' dialog
Remove hard-coded grey color in the device tree
Merge branch 'master' into wip/mdraid
Post-release version bump to 3.6.2
Merge branch 'master' into wip/mdraid
Bump version to 3.7.0
Bump required libudisks2 version to 2.0.90
Remove preprocessor define for UDISKS_API_IS_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE
Include UDisks versions in the Disks about dialog
Remove "Write-Intent Log" field
Always show upper section, even for loop and fake block devices
Show 'Partitioning' field (if appropriate) and unify some codepaths
Don't show partitioning type for free space
Combine "Contents" and "In Use" fields
Add window title to the "Unlock LUKS" dialog
Add window title to the "Change Passphrase" dialog
Ensure we display "No Media" instead of "Block device is empty" for drives
Rework toolbar to allow for selection of multiple disks
Show selected disks in toolbar instead of menu item
Also handle MDRaid devices in multi-selection
More multi-selection rework after designer feedback
Fix up mnemonics for toolbar label
Use text for the RAID button, not an icon
Fix typo
Show a menu for the RAID multiple-selection toolbar button
Avoid flashes, by not deferring window setup to idle
Set title on secondary Benchmark dialog
Start reworking "Create RAID Array" dialog and hook it up
Update "Create RAID Array" dialog
Don't offer "Create RAID Array" dialog unless disks are all the same size
Hook up GUI to udisks master's newly added Manager.MDRaidCreate() method
Add dialog for erasing multiple disks at the same time
Don't exit multi-selection mode if the user cancels the operation dialog
Use option 'no-block' in Block.Format() when erasing multiple disks
Use 'Usable Size' instead of 'Array Size' in RAID array creation dialog
Show RAID Level description in smaller font
GduEstimator: Use 50 samples instead of 100
Make "Create Disk Image" feature tolerate read errors
Update "Restore Disk Image" to match look and feel of "Create Disk Image"
Remove unused define
Inhibit suspend/logout when creating a disk image
Inhibit suspend/logout when restoring a disk image
Use libdvdcss for creating disk images of DVDs, if available
Ignore empty VOB files
Call gtk_editable_select_region() after the entry is visible
Handle more corner-cases for the Drive.Ata.PmGetState() method call
Nuke debug spew
Update partition type when formatting volumes and creating partitions
Add ensure_unused() method to "shut down" a whole device
Use ensure_unused() before ejecting
Use ensure_unused() before locking a device
Use ensure_unused() before formatting a volume
Use ensure_unused() before formatting a disk
Use ensure_unused() before erasing multiple disks
Use ensure_unused() all disks before creating a RAID array on them
Show list of affected devices in confirmation dialogs
Use ensure_unused() on a loop device before trying to detach it
gnome-disks: add --block-device option
gnome-disks: update man page
Add gnome-settings-daemon plug-in to warn user on SMART failures
Update POTFILES.{in,skip}
Use ensure_unused() before deleting a partition
Don't present "disk is failing" notification more than once
Remove ending dots in some tooltips
Don't use second-precision in the "Last Benchmarked" label
Add Help menu
Add accelerator support
Fix plural forms
Add support for powering off drives
Make it possible to enable/disable SMART
Use ensure_unused() before creating disk image
Use ensure_unused() before restoring a disk image onto a device
Use GtkMenuButton in SMART dialog
Update SMART dialog
Update for udisks Drive.Ata.SmartSetEnabled() changes
Catch up with the udisks changes for the UDisksObjectInfo type
Show N/A instead of -1 if normalized/threshold/worst is unset
Don't leak when sorting
Slightly rework SMART dialog layout
Use Block:Id property as the filename for benchmarks
Don't default to "New Volume" for file system name
Don't default to "New RAID Array" for RAID array name
Focus cancel button in confirmation dialogs
Handle the case where we don't know the contents of a block device
Use ensure_unused() before doing a write-benchmark on a device
Add utility function to determine if a device is in use
Uncheck "Perform write-benchmark" if a device is in use
Use ellipsis character ("…") instead of three dots ("...")
Use the preferred Unicode characters for double quotes
Use the preferred Unicode characters for apostrophe
Switch "About Disks" and "Help" menu items in app menu
Rework RAID menu on overlay toolbar
Don't ask if disk should be wiped when removing it from a RAID array
Use the one_liner value from UDisksObjectInfo in RAID dialog
Use ensure_unused() on its block device before stopping RAID array
Remove gdu-enclosure icon and hard-coded references to it
Detect and convey MD-RAID split-brain syndrome
Fix-up toolbar in MD-RAID dialog
Add Ctrl+R accelerator to bring up the RAID disks dialog
Make the "Add" button in the MD-RAID Disks dialog work
Add a switch for turning MD-RAID bitmap on/off
Add a unit combo-box to the create partition dialog
Always show holes bigger than 1 MiB
Use floating point in the "Create Partition" dialog
Be smart about how many digits are shown in the create partition spinbuttons
Fix up some more double-quotes to use Unicode
Look at ActiveDevices to determine if a disk can be added to a RAID device
Use UDisksObjectInfo everywhere instead of hard-coding names and icons
Use udisks_object_info_get_sort_key() instead of rolling our own
Ensure sorted and predicted device order in multi-selection mode
Make it possible to edit x-gvfs-symbolic-icon=foo mount option
Minor cleanups to the confirmation dialog
Add Ctrl+E accelerator to bring up the Drive Settings dialog
Rework "Drive Settings" dialog to use tabs
Make it possible to configure the Write Cache on ATA hard disks
Use I as the mnemonic for Write Cache, not C
Reword switch labels in Drive Settings dialog
Remove unused disk selection dialog
Introduce local jobs and use it in create/restore disk image operations
Reword read-error message in Create Disk Image dialog
GduVolumeGrid: unref the right object
Pre-allocate disk image file, if possible
Catch up with removal of MDRaid:CanStart{,Degraded} in udisks
Show block device, even if size is zero
Add --disable-gsd-plugin option and use it at distcheck
Update NEWS for release
Giovanni Campagna (2):
Fix compilation of GduSdPlugin with newer gnome-settings-daemon
Fix GtkMenuButtons with Gtk master
Updated translations: Abderrahim Kitouni, Ask H. Larsen,
Dr.T.Vasudevan, Dušan Kazik, Fran Diéguez, Hannie Dumoleyn, Ihar
Hrachyshka, Kjartan Maraas, ManojKumar Giri, Nilamdyuti Goswami, Og
B. Maciel, Piotr Drąg, Shankar Prasad, Yaron Shahrabani
David Zeuthen,
December 18, 2012
gnome-disk-utility 3.6.1
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