Commit 6ce1e72e authored by Kai Lüke's avatar Kai Lüke

Prepare 3.25.91

parent 72c5fee6
3.25.91 - August 21, 2017
Jeremy Bicha:
* Fix translation headers
Mitchell Horne:
* Tweak memory management in filesystem dialog
* Add unmount function to edit filesystem dialog
Kai Lüke:
* Correct tooltip texts in resize dialog
* Correct text for partition size entry
* Disable action buttons during jobs
* Delay sensitivity during job updates
Updated translations:
* Andika Triwidada and Kukuh Syafaat (id), Baurzhan Muftakhidinov (kk),
Balázs Meskó (hu), Claude Paroz (fr), Daniel Mustieles (es),
Emin Tufan Çetin (tr), Fabio Tomat (fur), Fran Dieguez (gl), gogo (hr),
Marek Cernocky (cs), Мирослав Николић (sr), Wolfgang Stöggl (de)
3.25.90 - August 7, 2017
'gnome-disk-utility', 'c',
version: '3.25.90',
version: '3.25.91',
license: 'GPL2.0',
default_options: [
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