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gnome-disk-utility development right now happens at
gnome-disk-utility development happens at
This is a GNOME program to manage and configure disk drives and media.
gnome-disk-utility provides libraries and applications for dealing
with storage devices.
......@@ -3,47 +3,28 @@
- Current dependencies
- DeviceKit-disks from git
- DeviceKit-disks 003
- GNOME keyring
- libsexy
- PolicyKit-gnome 0.9
- dbus-glib
- gio
- TODO List
Before (next) release:
- Need to fixup graphing
- Long term need to figure out TEC dates
- Expose UI for polling devices
- Make Eject actually work
- General UI cleanup
- General code cleanup
- Port to EggDBus
- Port to PolicyKit 1.0
- Rename application
- Probably going for "Palimpsest" (jrb's idea!)
- Split into multiple projects
- libgdu-gobject
- GduDevice, GduPool, GduDrive + friends; basically all non-UI bits
- also to be used in the gvfs volume monitor
- this GObject based library could be moved to DeviceKit-disks
- libgdu
- all the useful UI bits; e.g. GduSection subclasses, gdu-util.[ch] etc.
- can be used in e.g. Nautilus and dumbed-down utils for e.g. formatting
- gnome-disk-utility
- The actual Disk Utility program; should be a very small program
- gdu-applet
- small notification area thing that annoyingly pops up and warns you
if the disk is failing or a RAID array gets degraded
- or detects if a disk witout known signatures is plugged in
- (not actually written yet)
- General code cleanup
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