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programming-guidelines: odd/even versions for stable/unstable releases
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......@@ -49,6 +49,10 @@
Libtool versions should be updated for API changes or additions.
(<link xref="#libtool-versioning"/>)
Even/odd <em>minor</em> package versions can be used respectively for
stable/unstable releases. (<link xref="#stable-unstable-versions"/>)
......@@ -140,6 +144,30 @@ AC_SUBST([LT_VERSION],[0:0:0])</code>
<code>my_library_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info $(LT_VERSION)</code>
<section id="stable-unstable-versions">
<title>Stable and Unstable Package Versions</title>
Most GNOME modules follow a convention for stable and unstable releases.
The minor version is even for stable releases and is odd for unstable
releases. For example, the 3.20.* versions are stable, but the 3.19.*
versions are unstable. The 3.19.* versions can be seen as alpha and beta
releases of the 3.20 version.
A new micro <em>stable</em> version (e.g. 3.20.0 3.20.1) doesnt add
new features, only translation updates and bug fixes. On the other hand,
<em>unstable</em> micro releases (e.g. 3.19.1 3.19.2) can add API, or
change or remove API which was added in a previous micro release in that
minor series.
The libtool version should be updated only for stable package versions.
<section id="release-process">
<title>Release Process</title>
......@@ -172,8 +200,8 @@ AC_SUBST([LT_VERSION],[0:0:0])</code>
Make sure you have no local changes: <cmd>git status</cmd>
Increment the libtool version number in <file></file> (if it
If the release is for a stable package version, increment the libtool
version number in <file></file> (if it exists)
Add an entry to the <file>NEWS</file> file
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