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icons: add a symbolic vs fullcolor illustration

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<p>Full-color icons are colorful and detailed, and are optimized for larger sizes. They are defined as 64✕64px SVGs, and can be scaled to multiples or subdivisions of 64✕64 (such as 128✕128, 256x256 and 512x512). The level of detail and positioning on the pixel grid allows them to be rendered sharp at smaller sizes, but is not advised to do below 32x32px.</p>
<media type="image" mime="image/png" src="figures/icons/fullcolor-v-symbolic.svg"/>
<p>Symbolic icons are simple and monochrome, and are designed to work well at smaller sizes. They are defined as 16✕16px SVGs, and can be scaled to multiples of 16✕16 (such as 32✕32, 64✕64, 128✕128). Symbolic icons generally have a neutral color, although their color can be changed programatically.</p>
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