Commit 4f214133 authored by Jakub Steiner's avatar Jakub Steiner

HIG: no gtk stock icons

- provide graphical assets rather than a lookup API
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<section id="stock-icons">
<title>Choosing stock GNOME icons</title>
<title>GNOME Icon Pack</title>
<p>GNOME provides a full set of standard icons. These should be used where ever appropriate; try to avoid creating custom icons unless they are absolutely necessary.</p>
<p>To avoid starting from scratch, we prepared a selection of commonly used icons you can include in your application, or create derivatives of. The set is licensed CC0, so they can be used regardless of your project's license.</p>
<p>Follow the icon naming specification when selecting which icons to use - the name of the icon should reflect what the icon is intended to communicate. This is important for those using a screen reader.</p>
<p>You can use the GTK+ icon browser to find recommended icons.</p>
<p>FIXME: link to a non-existant library.</p>
<section id="color-vs-symbolic">
<title>Color vs. symbolic icons</title>
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