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    wall-clock: Use LC_TIME for strftime format string translations · 0f3de28f
    Florian Müllner authored
    In order to handle the clock's various display setting correctly for
    different locales, we mark strftime format strings for translation.
    However those translations are looked up according to the locale
    defined by LC_MESSAGES, while the conversion characters themselves
    are resolved according to LC_TIME, with rather odd results when
    mixing locales.
    The correct solution would be to install translations for format
    strings in the LC_TIME catalogue and look them up with dcgettext(),
    but we don't have the infrastructure to do that easily. Work around
    this by adding a helper method that looks up a string in LC_MESSAGES
    using the locale defined by LC_TIME and use that to translate the
    format strings, which has the same result.
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