Commit 6bb71e26 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera
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Revert "thumbnails: keep the orignal file name"

This reverts commit e7006be2.

Passing the filename to an untrusted thumbnailer is a potential
information leak, or a possible method to get that thumbnailer
to crash.

The Flatpak sandboxing codepaths unfortunately cannot remap files, so
that's the reason why the original filename is passed.
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......@@ -155,6 +155,21 @@ create_gst_cache_dir (void)
return out;
static char *
get_extension (const char *path)
g_autofree char *basename = NULL;
char *p;
basename = g_path_get_basename (path);
p = strrchr (basename, '.');
if (g_file_test (path, G_FILE_TEST_IS_DIR) ||
!p ||
p == basename) /* Leading periods on the basename are ignored. */
return NULL;
return g_strdup (p + 1);
static gboolean
flatpak_fail (GError **error,
......@@ -951,8 +966,8 @@ script_exec_new (const char *uri,
if (exec->sandbox == SANDBOX_TYPE_BWRAP)
char *tmpl;
const char *infile;
g_autofree char *basename = NULL;
g_autofree char *ext = NULL;
g_autofree char *infile = NULL;
exec->fd_array = g_array_new (FALSE, TRUE, sizeof (int));
g_array_set_clear_func (exec->fd_array, clear_fd);
......@@ -966,12 +981,12 @@ script_exec_new (const char *uri,
goto bail;
exec->outfile = g_build_filename (exec->outdir, "gnome-desktop-thumbnailer.png", NULL);
basename = g_file_get_basename (file);
ext = get_extension (exec->infile);
if (basename)
infile = basename;
if (ext)
infile = g_strdup_printf ("gnome-desktop-file-to-thumbnail.%s", ext);
infile = "gnome-desktop-file-to-thumbnail";
infile = g_strdup_printf ("gnome-desktop-file-to-thumbnail");
exec->infile_tmp = g_build_filename (exec->outdir, infile, NULL);
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