Commit 0b1f6d41 authored by Peter Hutterer's avatar Peter Hutterer

test: convert the xkbinfo test to produce YAML

It's still human-readable but YAML we can process to check for unexpected
changes. e.g. where the sorting order changed, the following python script
verifies we haven't changed anything else:

 #/usr/bin/env python3

 import yaml
 before = yaml.load(open('before.yml'))
 after = yaml.load(open('after.yml'))
 assert before == after
parent 53e2f12c
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ main (int argc, char **argv)
info = gnome_xkb_info_new ();
g_print ("layouts:\n");
layouts = gnome_xkb_info_get_all_layouts (info);
for (l = layouts; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
const char *id = l->data;
......@@ -25,30 +26,33 @@ main (int argc, char **argv)
&xkb_variant) == FALSE) {
g_warning ("Failed to get info for layout '%s'", id);
} else {
g_print ("id: %s\n", id);
g_print ("\tdisplay name: %s\n", display_name);
g_print ("\tshort name: %s\n", short_name);
g_print ("\txkb layout: %s\n", xkb_layout);
g_print ("\txkb variant: %s\n", xkb_variant);
g_print (" %s:\n", id);
g_print (" display name: \"%s\"\n",
g_uri_escape_string (display_name, " (),<>+;:", TRUE));
g_print (" short name: %s\n", short_name);
g_print (" xkb layout: %s\n", xkb_layout);
g_print (" xkb variant: %s\n", xkb_variant);
g_list_free (layouts);
g_print ("\noption groups:\n");
option_groups = gnome_xkb_info_get_all_option_groups (info);
for (g = option_groups; g != NULL; g = g->next) {
const char *group_id = g->data;
g_print ("\noption group: %s\n", group_id);
g_print (" %s:\n", group_id);
options = gnome_xkb_info_get_options_for_group (info, group_id);
for (o = options; o != NULL; o = o->next) {
const char *id = o->data;
const char *description = gnome_xkb_info_description_for_option (info,
g_print ("id: %s\n", id);
g_print ("\tdescription: %s\n",
gnome_xkb_info_description_for_option (info,
g_print (" %s:\n", id);
g_print (" description: \"%s\"\n",
g_uri_escape_string (description, " (),<>+;:", TRUE));
g_list_free (options);
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