Commit 0a8ca555 authored by Laurent Bigonville's avatar Laurent Bigonville Committed by Michael Catanzaro

Use libseccomp on linux-riscv64 now that's available

This reverts commit f8916f70.

On riscv64, this requires libseccomp 2.5.0, or an older version with a
backported patch (for example Debian packages >= 2.4.3-1).
parent 4f6bec60
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......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ udev_dep = dependency('libudev', required: get_option('udev'))
host_os = host_machine.system()
host_cpu = host_machine.cpu()
supported_os = ['linux']
unsupported_cpus = ['alpha', 'ia64', 'm68k', 'riscv64', 'sh4', 'sparc', 'sparc64']
unsupported_cpus = ['alpha', 'ia64', 'm68k', 'sh4', 'sparc', 'sparc64']
if supported_os.contains(host_os) and not unsupported_cpus.contains(host_cpu)
seccomp_dep = dependency('libseccomp')
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