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    • Robert Ancell's avatar
      region: Fix input source options not being applied. · 5fac79b0
      Robert Ancell authored
      This was broken in a86cf1ec (3.32) when the input options dialog was converted
      into a GtkPopover. Previously two GSettings objects were used, with one set to
      'delay-apply' mode. The input source option didn't apply the changes.
      The 'delay-apply' mode is from the original commit d3852fc8, however code was
      simplified in b3199dd6 to only set one setting. This meant that the delay is no
      longer necessary.
      Fixes #440
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    • Dušan Kazik's avatar
      Update Slovak translation · 901bb6b3
      Dušan Kazik authored
    • Georges Basile Stavracas Neto's avatar
      3.32.1 · 5606637c
      Georges Basile Stavracas Neto authored
    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      mouse: Sync touchpad scrolling switch states correctly · a3681539
      Benjamin Berg authored
      The old code would not sync the state when the page was loaded. Also,
      due to how the code was written, it would not update the switch state if
      the underlying setting was changed in some other way.
      Fix this by connecting the setting with the "state" of the switches.
      When the switches "active" property is changed, update the underlying
      setting and ensure the mutually exclusive switch is turned off when
      Fixes #398
    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      network: Don't shorten names of bluetooth connections · 8e175bb5
      Benjamin Berg authored
      This prevents a single bluetooth connection to be shortened to the name
      "Bluetooth", which means we end up with one "Bluetooth" device in the
      "Bluetooth" section. Rather, always use the long name of the bluetooth
      device so that the user knows what they are connecting to.
    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      network: Only show bluetooth devices in Bluetooth section · 77cae9ce
      Benjamin Berg authored
      Historically, the bluetooth section has been the dumping ground for any
      device we don't handle in another way. It has had the "Bluetooth" title
      for a long time now though, and many of the devices that end up in there
      are actually not useful in the GNOME context.
      There are some people complaining that we should support these devices
      properly, but the status quo does not help any one either really, so
      lets remove them entirely for now.
      Obsoletes: !203
      Fixes: #190
      Touches: #167
    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      wifi: Fix connection names with markup not showing up · e5b017f4
      Benjamin Berg authored
      In some cases, the network connection UI uses pango markup to denote the
      SSID name inside a connection name. However, if the SSID matched the
      connection name, then we would end up setting the SSID as pango markup
      without it being escaped.
      Fix this by escaping the SSID before setting it as markup.
      Fixes: #435
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