Commit b47ada9b authored by Stefano Facchini's avatar Stefano Facchini Committed by Robert Ancell

sharing: Fix master switch

Since the switches for media, personal file, and screen sharing are in the header bar of the
respective dialogs, they are not visible when we click on the master switch. This caused the
check in OFF_IF_VISIBLE to always fail.

Fix it by checking if the corresponding button in the main list box is visible, instead.

Closes: #240
parent 5a5a5019
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in 7 minutes and 26 seconds
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ struct _CcSharingPanel
CC_PANEL_REGISTER (CcSharingPanel, cc_sharing_panel)
#define OFF_IF_VISIBLE(x) { if (gtk_widget_is_visible(x) && gtk_widget_is_sensitive(x)) gtk_switch_set_active (GTK_SWITCH(x), FALSE); }
#define OFF_IF_VISIBLE(x, y) { if (gtk_widget_is_visible(x) && gtk_widget_is_sensitive(y)) gtk_switch_set_active (GTK_SWITCH(y), FALSE); }
static void
cc_sharing_panel_master_switch_notify (GtkSwitch *gtkswitch,
......@@ -123,9 +123,9 @@ cc_sharing_panel_master_switch_notify (GtkSwitch *gtkswitch,
if (!active)
/* disable all services if the master switch is not active */
OFF_IF_VISIBLE(self->media_sharing_button, self->media_sharing_switch);
OFF_IF_VISIBLE(self->personal_file_sharing_button, self->personal_file_sharing_switch);
OFF_IF_VISIBLE(self->screen_sharing_button, self->screen_sharing_switch);
gtk_switch_set_active (GTK_SWITCH (self->remote_login_switch), FALSE);
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