Commit 880bc9f3 authored by Felipe Borges's avatar Felipe Borges 👣

printers: Fix crash when panel is closed quickly

Fix a user-after-free while testing the connectivity to a cups
server. This is similar to the fix in commit 1d72a0b3.

This is an addition to the changes introduced in commit 2ff5cfd6
which allowed the connection testing to be cancellable.

Fixes #51
parent c1861239
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in 11 minutes and 13 seconds
......@@ -1229,14 +1229,13 @@ connection_test_cb (GObject *source_object,
gpointer user_data)
CcPrintersPanelPrivate *priv;
CcPrintersPanel *self = (CcPrintersPanel*) user_data;
CcPrintersPanel *self;
gboolean success;
PpCups *cups = PP_CUPS (source_object);
g_autoptr(GError) error = NULL;
priv = self->priv;
success = pp_cups_connection_test_finish (cups, result, &error);
g_object_unref (cups);
if (error != NULL)
......@@ -1244,15 +1243,18 @@ connection_test_cb (GObject *source_object,
g_warning ("Could not test connection: %s", error->message);
self = CC_PRINTERS_PANEL (user_data);
priv = self->priv;
if (!success)
priv->cups_status_check_id =
g_timeout_add_seconds (CUPS_STATUS_CHECK_INTERVAL, cups_status_check, self);
g_object_unref (cups);
static void
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