Commit 689b21f4 authored by Kalev Lember's avatar Kalev Lember Committed by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

color: Fix fallout from the GtkTemplate port

Correct a typoed variable name so that calibration works again, instead
of crashing.

GLib-GObject-WARNING **: 15:52:50.561: invalid cast from 'GtkBox' to 'GtkEntry'

(cherry picked from commit edc52c17)
parent ebf0f702
Pipeline #30820 passed with stages
in 7 minutes and 22 seconds
......@@ -574,7 +574,7 @@ gcm_prefs_title_entry_changed_cb (GtkWidget *widget,
const gchar *value;
assistant = GTK_ASSISTANT (prefs->assistant_calib);
value = gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (prefs->box_calib_title));
value = gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (prefs->entry_calib_title));
cc_color_calibrate_set_title (prefs->calibrate, value);
gtk_assistant_set_page_complete (assistant, prefs->box_calib_title, value[0] != '\0');
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