Commit 6116864f authored by Alex Hirsch's avatar Alex Hirsch Committed by Benjamin Berg

display: Mode compare takes interlaced into account

When changing the display mode, the apply button does not appear if the
current mode and new mode differ only in their interlaced flag.

The display mode comparison function now takes the interlaced flag into

(cherry picked from commit b4809cd2)
parent 3fb65309
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......@@ -70,7 +70,8 @@ cc_display_mode_dbus_equal (const CcDisplayModeDBus *m1,
return m1->width == m2->width &&
m1->height == m2->height &&
m1->refresh_rate == m2->refresh_rate;
m1->refresh_rate == m2->refresh_rate &&
(m1->flags & MODE_INTERLACED) == (m2->flags & MODE_INTERLACED);
static void
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