Commit 06c8bd45 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

bluetooth: Bump required gnome-bluetooth version

So that the new API is available.
parent 0d4b2bc4
......@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ fi
AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_NM_UNSTABLE, [test x$nm_unstable = xyes])
# Check for gnome-bluetooth
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(BLUETOOTH, $COMMON_MODULES gnome-bluetooth-1.0 >= 3.18.0,
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(BLUETOOTH, $COMMON_MODULES gnome-bluetooth-1.0 >= 3.18.2,
[have_bluetooth=yes], have_bluetooth=no)
if test "x$have_bluetooth" = xyes ; then
AC_DEFINE(BUILD_BLUETOOTH, 1, [Define to 1 to build the Bluetooth panel])
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