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Keyboard panel re-design

This is the initial implementation for a design that's under discussion by the design team. See Teams/Design/settings-mockups#14 and Teams/Design/settings-mockups!3 (merged). There are still some details to work out in the design.

It seems this design involves (at least) 3 broad changes:

  • Supporting multiple bindings for each function, which was already possible in gsettings but not accessible to display or customize in Settings.
  • Better navigation for the keyboard bindings, to view a list of categories and select a particular category.
  • Moving configuration for input sources to the Keyboard panel, since users generally expect it to be there.

So far I've mostly implemented the first of these points, with a couple minor issues remaining, and will be working on the others.

So this is definitely not done, and some aspects of the design isn't entirely finalized anyway. But I like WIP merge requests, so I thought this seemed like a good point to post this now.

Edited by Ian Douglas Scott

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