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wifi-connection-row: Fix the forget network button design

  • wifi-connection-row: Make the forget network button to show only an icon
  • wifi-connection-row: Add tooltip to the forget network button
  • network: Show "Undo" toast when forgetting network in "Saved Wi-Fi Networks"

See commit descriptions for more details.


Notice: according to the mockups, this button shouldn't have the destructive-action style. Also, this button shouldn't trigger a confirmation dialog, but an undo toast instead: #2661 (comment 1851123) for context. I don't know how to implement the undo toast. :(

Before After
Screenshot_from_2023-10-22_23-00-23-obfuscated Screenshot_from_2023-10-25_20-37-12-obfuscated

Closes #2661 (closed) and #2670 (closed)

Edited by Automeris naranja

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