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thunderbolt: Have normal page contents clamped like other panels' content

The thunderbolt panel has different constraints on the settings inside of it, compared to other panels. It is most evident when Settings is fullscreened but is also apparent (especially during transitions between panels) when windowed. You can see the difference here:

Normal Size Constraints: other

Thunderbolt Panel's Size Constraints: before_thunderbolt

Ideally, you'd want the size constraints on widgets to be the same between panels, so I changed it so the thunderbolt panel uses (more) libadwaita widgets. Then, it behaves more like other panels that use (more) libadwaita widgets. Using an AdwPreferencesPage to encompass the widgets shown when thunderbolt is operating normally solves most of the problem, as well as encompassing the thunderbolt device list in an AdwPreferenceGroup.

Anyhow, these changes result in this: after_thunderbolt

Edited by Emad Saadat

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