sound: Move the "No Devices" rows in different groups

Merged Marco Melorio requested to merge melix99/gnome-control-center:sound-fix-empty-listbox into main

Previously this was problematic because the current layout is a bit messy. The reasoning is a bit complex, but I'll try to explain below.

Basically the AdwPreferencesGroup has an integrated GtkListBox where the rows should normally be added to it by declaring AdwPreferencesRow subclasses as its direct children in the UI file. This is not currently done in the sound panel and we instead have another GtkListBox as its direct child, while the "No Devices" row is actually a AdwPreferencesRow subclass, so we end up with two listboxes with .boxed-list style. The problem is that we hide the "No Devices" row when there are devices available, but the internal listbox is still there, so we still see its shadow.

Screen of the bug (only noticeable in light mode):


This MR does two things:

  • It separates the "No Devices" row in a separate group so that we are sure to hide everything correctly.
  • It removes the nested GtkListBox by porting every row to AdwPreferencesRow

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