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network: Consistency and polish tweaks

  • Use AdwActionRow and GtkListBox for vpn list
  • Use AdwActionRow for NetDeviceBluetooth
  • Adjust ethernet list styling, turn it into an AdwPreferencesGroup
  • Use AdwPreferences{Page,Group} where possible

This MR only touches the widgetry that shows in the "Network" panel. I'm not entirely happy with the state of this. For one, the design feels off. There are rows that have switches and buttons to open a dialog, and then rows that only open a dialog, but use a button instead of an arrow like in other panels. The placeholder row for when there isn't a VPN set up is also weird, compared to what we do in e.g. the Privacy panels.

I also could not manage to see the detail rows in the ethernet list, so I'm not sure how to adapt them without a visual of what they're supposed to look like. The same goes for net-device-mobile.

The network proxy row also looks like it has some odd complexity going on, and I don't have any configuration for a proxy.

Edited by Christopher Davis

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