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      fingerprint-dialog: Disconnect signals and reset stages on enroll-restart · f6f975a8
      Marco Trevisan authored
      This happens if going to the previous page when enrolling a finger
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      fingerprint-dialog: Don't limit the number of maximum enroll stages · 09cefec2
      Marco Trevisan authored
      There are devices with more than 10 enroll stages we should handle, so
      instead of hardcoding a grid of images, let's just build this dynamically
      using a flowbox
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      fingerprint-dialog: Don't use sync calls for deleting fingerprints · 690f8034
      Marco Trevisan authored
      Don't make the UI to block while deleting the saved prints (that might take
      some time, especially for devices with internal storage) but just use a task
      with a thread that:
       - Mark the fingerprint row as unsenstive
       - Calls the method to delete prints
       - In the same thread, calls the method to fetch the updated informations
       - Returns in set_fingerprint_row_cb where we update the UI again
      Again this would be nicer to be done just using async calls but this is
      something to do in some bigger refactor.
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      user-panel: Only load the fingerprint state once · 563232e4
      Marco Trevisan authored
      Don't load the fingerprint information all the times we update the view, but
      load it during initialization only.
      The fingerprint state in fact can only change because we requested it
      through the dialog that we control already and that would update the
      relevant widgets state anyways.
      Also, given that the fingerprint settings are visible for the current user
      anyway, we can track this only with a simple boolean, instead of using a set
      of UIDs.
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      user-panel: Pass a cancellable to the fingerprint operations · 7d133b8b
      Marco Trevisan authored
      And cancel it when changing user and on disposition
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      user-panel: Don't wait for fprintd on initialization · c413d4db
      Marco Trevisan authored
      When opening the user panel we g-c-c performs lots of sync operations that
      may cause a noticeable slowdown, especially when a fingerprint device is
      available, in fact set_fingerprint_label() call leads to:
        - DBus sync request of the system bus
        - fprintd dbus-activation
          + This leads to sync opening of all the devices, that might also cause
            a slowdown, depending on the devices drivers
        - Dbus sync calls to the device to get the list of enrolled fingerprints
      Only after we've a reply, we update the g-c-c UI and continue the execution.
      The fingerprint dialog code would need some global refactor, but to fix this
      without big changes, let's just use GTask that runs a thread in wich we do
      all the sync operations, and once done we finally update the widget state.
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      user-panel: Add reference to selected user and clear on dispose · 689aee32
      Marco Trevisan authored
      The object was wrongly unreffed (as ActUserManager has the ownership) on
      user switch, so add a reference instead when assigning it to our private
      ref and unref it on dispose.
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