1. 30 Jan, 2022 4 commits
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      sound: update the volume-slider after getting a valid stream · b02b2dc7
      Hui Wang authored
      In the ubuntu 20.04, we met an issue about the output volume-slider
      on the machine with the legacy HDA audio driver, the output device
      is the Speaker first (analog-stereo pa sink), then we connect a hdmi
      monitor, the HDMI audio is in the output combo-box, we select the
      hdmi audio (hdmi-stereo pa sink) from the combo-box, the hdmi audio
      becomes the active output device now, we adjust the output volume from
      the volume-slider, the slider UI is changed, but the output sound
      is not changed with the UI.
      The root cause is when the speaker is active, the pulseaudio only
      keeps the analog-stereo sink, the sink hdmi-stereo is unlinked, when
      users select the hdmi audio from UI, the pulseaudio will unlink
      analo-stereo sink and create hdmi-stereo sink, but before hdmi-stereo
      is created, the output_device_changed_cb() is called and
      gvc_mixer_control_get_stream_from_device() returns a NULL since the
      hdmi-stereo sink is not created yet in the pulseaudio. Because stream
      is NULL, the output_volume_slider->stream is NULL, users can't change
      the output volume via the volume-slider.
      To fix it, we add a output_volume_slider->stream check in the
      device_update_cb(), if it is NULL, get the stream and set it to
      volume-slider. In this function, the sink hdmi-stereo is created
      already, so the stream is not NULL. And this change also applies to
      input as well.
      Signed-off-by: Hui Wang's avatarHui Wang <hui.wang@canonical.com>
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      sound: clear the value on level_bar when stream is empty · 92139531
      Hui Wang authored
      We met an Input Device level_bar display issue on a machine which has
      no internal mic. At first there is no external mic plugged, so the
      Input Device list is empty and level_bar is gray color, after we plug
      an external mic, the level_bar has red color ripples, then we unplug
      the external mic, the Input Device list changes to empty and we
      expect the level_bar changes back to gray color, but some bars are
      still red color.
      Here clear the self->value to 0 if the stream is empty, then the
      level_bar will change back to gray color when Input/Output device
      list is empty.
      Signed-off-by: Hui Wang's avatarHui Wang <hui.wang@canonical.com>
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      meson: drop unused argument for i18n.merge_file() · 5cf970aa
      Jan Beich authored
      Ignored in Meson < 0.60.0, deprecated since 0.60.1 and fatal since 0.61.0.
      panels/applications/meson.build:10:5: ERROR: Function does not take positional arguments.
      panels/background/meson.build:10:5: ERROR: Function does not take positional arguments.
      panels/camera/meson.build:10:5: ERROR: Function does not take positional arguments.
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  6. 25 Sep, 2020 5 commits
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      sharing: Remove vino preferences · 2a39ce60
      Pascal Nowack authored and Robert Ancell's avatar Robert Ancell committed
      They are unused now.
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      sharing: Replace vino with gnome-remote-desktop for X11 sessions · c6eda3c7
      Pascal Nowack authored and Robert Ancell's avatar Robert Ancell committed
      vino does not work in Wayland sessions and gnome-settings-daemon
      removed vino support in [1] which will effectively not start
      'vino-server' any more.
      The replacement for vino is gnome-remote-desktop since it works in both
      Wayland and X11 sessions.
      The gnome-remote-desktop sharing panel however is currently only shown
      for Wayland sessions, which makes it harder to use it for X11 sessions
      since the user has to login into the Wayland sessions just to be able
      to enable gnome-remote-desktop.
      Therefore, also remove vino from g-c-c and replace it with
      gnome-remote-desktop for X11 sessions, too.
      [1] gnome-settings-daemon!135
      Closes: #212
      Closes: #937
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      keyboard: Fix behavior of "Replace" when adding custom shortcut · 6172c970
      Ian Douglas Scott authored
      In the shortcut editor, the "Replace" button is shown instead of "Set"
      or "Add" when there is a collision. But this executes the same code as
      "Set", so when adding a shortcut, it doesn't actually work.
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      sound: fix subwoofer slider · f2c0a025
      Arne authored
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      sound: update the profile list after getting the signal from gvc · bbc1ca6d
      Hui Wang authored
      In the ubuntu 20.04, we found a regression on HDMI audio. We plug a
      HDMI/DP monitor, the output device is the speaker in the output device
      combo box, then we select the HDMI from the combo box, the output
      device is switched to HDMI audio successfully, but the configuration
      box is empty. This will not happen in the ubuntu 18.04, the profile
      will show hdmi-stereo in this situation. So I think this is a
      When problem happens, I could see the errors from log:
      Gvc:    DEBUG: Matching profile for 'output:analog-stereo' is '(null)'
      Gvc:    DEBUG: Matching profile for 'output:analog-stereo' is '(null)'
      Gvc:    DEBUG: Matching profile for 'output:analog-stereo' is '(null)'
      Through debugging, I found the cc_profile_combo_box_set_device() is
      called too early. In the ubuntu 18.04, this function is called after
      pulseaudio changes the active_profile, but in the ubuntu 20.04, it is
      called ahead of pulseaudio changes the active_profile.
      To fix it, add a signal callback function, after pulseaudio changes
      the active_profile, this callback function will be called, then call
      Signed-off-by: Hui Wang's avatarHui Wang <hui.wang@canonical.com>
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      Update Brazilian Portuguese translation · e7eb8d98
      Rafael Fontenelle authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      printers: Do not authenticate SMB servers when search field is edited · 6eaaf22e
      Elia Geretto authored
      When the search field in the "Add Printer" dialog is edited, no
      authentication with a remote SMB server should be attempted. The server
      should just be added to the list and marked with "Server requires
      authentication". The user can then authenticate the server by clicking
      on it.
      The behavior described above is probably the intended one when the code
      was written, since there is no closure registered for the
      "authentication-required" signal in the function this commit modifies.
      This commit should simply restore the intended behavior.
      Resolves: #755
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