1. 10 Mar, 2015 5 commits
    • Joaquim Rocha's avatar
      region: Reuse the input chooser instance · abb05928
      Joaquim Rocha authored
      The language input chooser is being created and destroyed every time
      it is opened and closed. This is noticeably slow and is hardly
      necessary as the values it contains should not change.
      To fix this, these changes reuse the same instance of the input chooser
      (by hiding and showing it) instead of renewing it.
      The input chooser is also now shown using gtk_dialog_run to avoid having
      it destroyed from the default delete event.
    • Joaquim Rocha's avatar
      region: Clear input chooser rows instead of unrefing them · bd6347d0
      Joaquim Rocha authored
      These changes prevent warnings when unreferencing the default input
      source, locale and back rows which are never instanced by some locales
      (and thus null).
    • Joaquim Rocha's avatar
      region: Fix leak in input chooser · bbae9309
      Joaquim Rocha authored
      The language input chooser is being leaked. The reason for the leak
      is a "circular reference": the input chooser keeps a GtkBuilder
      instance that gets destroyed when the chooser is, itself, destroyed.
      However, the input chooser is never destroyed because the GtkBuilder
      instance keeps a reference to it.
      These changes dismiss the GtkBuilder once it is no longer needed in the
      input chooser which fixes the leak.
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      users: Fix fingerprint delete dialog formatting · 165be443
      Matthias Clasen authored
      The manual borderwidth setting breaks message dialog appearance.
      While we are here, remove some unnecessary calls.
    • Victor Ibragimov's avatar
      Updated Tajik translation · 80703d39
      Victor Ibragimov authored
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