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Version 3.7.3
- Remove fallback session handling code
- Add search panel
- Add privacy panel
- Add notifications panel
- Use the proper Unicode ellipsis () instead of three dots
- Remove the previous panel when switching to a new one
- Don't remove old panel if new one is broken
- Add F1 shortcut to show the help
- Rename to Settings
- Ensure the home button is the correct height
- Fix alignment of home button in RTL languages
- Make all the plugins static
- Fix not having 3 columns in high contrast
- Do not use a combobox when listing profiles to add to devices
- Avoid possible loops when Connection fails
- Fix main switch acting bizarrely
- Use spinner when connecting
- Align the device list with the all settings button
- Remove ObexFTP browsing from the UI
- Make sure flight mode is always visible
- Make sure Airplane mode switch everything off
- Ensure IMEI is displayed and reload Operator Name when it changes
- Also load IMEI and Operator Name for LTE-only modems
Date & Time:
- Do not offer the 12 hr clock in locales without AM/PM
- Point to a more specific help page
- Add support for msgctxt in keybindings
- Improve shortcuts tab keynav
- Show in Unity
- Fix problems when adding new printers
- Hide in Unity
- Show in Unity
- Fix possible crasher on startup when the X11Variant are empty
- Offer logout options after changing language
- Add Japanese to the popular languages
- Show popular languages in their own language
- Fix other user's languages never getting added
- Make 'Add' dialogs consistent
- Reinstate the separator in the languages list
- Fix button alignment problem
- the language chooser resizing during load
- Clarify "sound events"
- Fix possible crasher
- Use libgnome-volume-control
- Set the hostname only after a small delay
- Rename from User Accounts
- Show the password by default once generated
- Fix resetting one's avatar
- Add "last login" field
Online accounts:
- Don't preselect the first item when adding an account
- Align the accounts list with the all settings button
- Only allow adding accounts if the network is available
Universal Access:
- Set the dialog hint on the zoom options
- Also set the WM HighContrast theme when the switch is flipped
- Add distro information
- Add CPU model on ARM
- Avoid adding phantom "Unknown model" CPU on PPC64
- Add support for the new OSD help display
Version 3.7.1 (2012-22-10)
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.7.1)
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.7.3)
AC_INIT([gnome-control-center], [gnome_control_center_version],
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