datetime: Use g_time_zone_new_identifier

g_time_zone_new() is deprecated in favour of g_time_zone_new_identifier().

g_time_zone_new_identifier() returns NULL if no matching identifier is
found, so warn and fallback to UTC in that case.
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......@@ -518,7 +518,13 @@ location_changed_cb (CcDateTimePanel *self,
self->current_location = location;
timezone = g_time_zone_new (location->zone);
timezone = g_time_zone_new_identifier (location->zone);
if (!timezone)
g_warning ("Could not find timezone \"%s\", using UTC instead", location->zone);
timezone = g_time_zone_new_utc ();
old_date = self->date;
self->date = g_date_time_to_timezone (old_date, timezone);
cc_time_editor_set_time (CC_TIME_EDITOR (self->time_editor),
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