Commit 48553a06 authored by Giovanni Campagna's avatar Giovanni Campagna
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search: special case gnome-control-center

Settings search is special in the shell, because it's not configurable
and it is always at the top, so hide it from the search panel.
parent 4edf2ed1
......@@ -343,6 +343,12 @@ search_panel_add_one_app_info (CcSearchPanel *self,
GtkWidget *box, *w;
GIcon *icon;
/* gnome-control-center is special cased in the shell,
and is not configurable */
if (g_strcmp0 (g_app_info_get_id (app_info),
"gnome-control-center.desktop") == 0)
/* reset valignment of the list box */
gtk_widget_set_valign (self->priv->list_box, GTK_ALIGN_FILL);
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