Commit 3e04b1c5 authored by Didier Roche's avatar Didier Roche Committed by Felipe Borges
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Only load panel corresponding to OnlyShowIn/NotShowIn

Most panel desktop files have an OnlyShowIn entry to display them
in the previous iconish G-C-C UI. Some distributions (like ubuntu) prefers
adding new panel rather than patching the existing ones to ensure that
the upstream Control Center look it preserved under a vanilla GNOME session.
This patch fix thus the new layout setting to respect the OnlyShowIn property.
parent cfbe34f9
......@@ -197,6 +197,10 @@ cc_panel_loader_fill_model (CcShellModel *model)
if (G_UNLIKELY (category < 0))
/* Consult OnlyShowIn/NotShowIn for desktop environments */
if (!g_desktop_app_info_get_show_in (app, NULL))
/* Only add the panel when it is not hidden, e.g. the Details subpanels
* that are only visible in the new Shell.
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