Commit 150466cd authored by Giovanni Campagna's avatar Giovanni Campagna Committed by Giovanni Campagna
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display: adapt to the new model for display configuration

The way we apply the new configuration changed, in that we are
expected to call the apply() method of GnomeRRConfig ourselves,
and that takes care to call to mutter, show the confirmation
dialog, etc.
parent ef995c07
......@@ -96,9 +96,6 @@ struct _CcDisplayPanelPrivate
gboolean ignore_gui_changes;
gboolean dragging_top_bar;
/* These are used while we are waiting for the ApplyConfiguration method to be executed over D-bus */
GDBusProxy *proxy;
UpClient *up_client;
gboolean lid_is_closed;
......@@ -117,7 +114,6 @@ static gboolean output_overlaps (GnomeRROutputInfo *output, GnomeRRConfig *confi
static void select_current_output_from_dialog_position (CcDisplayPanel *self);
static void monitor_switch_active_cb (GObject *object, GParamSpec *pspec, gpointer data);
static void get_geometry (GnomeRROutputInfo *output, int *w, int *h);
static void apply_configuration_returned_cb (GObject *proxy, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer data);
static gboolean get_clone_size (GnomeRRScreen *screen, int *width, int *height);
static gboolean output_info_supports_mode (CcDisplayPanel *self, GnomeRROutputInfo *info, int width, int height);
static char *make_resolution_string (int width, int height);
......@@ -2302,128 +2298,33 @@ check_required_virtual_size (CcDisplayPanel *self)
static void
begin_version2_apply_configuration (CcDisplayPanel *self, GdkWindow *parent_window, guint32 timestamp)
XID parent_window_xid;
GError *error = NULL;
parent_window_xid = GDK_WINDOW_XID (parent_window);
self->priv->proxy = g_dbus_proxy_new_for_bus_sync (G_BUS_TYPE_SESSION,
if (self->priv->proxy == NULL) {
error_message (self, _("Failed to apply configuration: %s"), error->message);
g_error_free (error);
g_dbus_proxy_call (self->priv->proxy,
g_variant_new ("(xx)", (gint64) parent_window_xid, (gint64) timestamp),
static void
ensure_current_configuration_is_saved (void)
GnomeRRScreen *rr_screen;
GnomeRRConfig *rr_config;
/* Normally, gnome_rr_config_save() creates a backup file based on the
* old monitors.xml. However, if *that* file didn't exist, there is
* nothing from which to create a backup. So, here we'll save the
* current/unchanged configuration and then let our caller call
* gnome_rr_config_save() again with the new/changed configuration, so
* that there *will* be a backup file in the end.
rr_screen = gnome_rr_screen_new (gdk_screen_get_default (), NULL); /* NULL-GError */
if (!rr_screen)
rr_config = gnome_rr_config_new_current (rr_screen, NULL);
gnome_rr_config_ensure_primary (rr_config);
gnome_rr_config_save (rr_config, NULL); /* NULL-GError */
g_object_unref (rr_config);
g_object_unref (rr_screen);
static void
apply_configuration_returned_cb (GObject *proxy,
GAsyncResult *res,
gpointer data)
sanitize_configuration (CcDisplayPanel *self)
CcDisplayPanel *self = data;
GVariant *result;
GError *error = NULL;
result = g_dbus_proxy_call_finish (G_DBUS_PROXY (proxy), res, &error);
if (error)
error_message (self, _("Failed to apply configuration: %s"), error->message);
g_clear_error (&error);
if (result)
g_variant_unref (result);
g_object_unref (self->priv->proxy);
self->priv->proxy = NULL;
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (self->priv->panel, TRUE);
static gboolean
sanitize_and_save_configuration (CcDisplayPanel *self)
GError *error;
gnome_rr_config_sanitize (self->priv->current_configuration);
gnome_rr_config_ensure_primary (self->priv->current_configuration);
check_required_virtual_size (self);
foo_scroll_area_invalidate (FOO_SCROLL_AREA (self->priv->area));
ensure_current_configuration_is_saved ();
error = NULL;
if (!gnome_rr_config_save (self->priv->current_configuration, &error))
error_message (self, _("Could not save the monitor configuration"), error->message);
g_error_free (error);
return FALSE;
return TRUE;
static void
apply (CcDisplayPanel *self)
GdkWindow *window;
GError *error;
gboolean ok;
self->priv->apply_button_clicked_timestamp = gtk_get_current_event_time ();
if (!sanitize_and_save_configuration (self))
g_assert (self->priv->proxy == NULL);
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (self->priv->panel, FALSE);
sanitize_configuration (self);
window = gtk_widget_get_window (gtk_widget_get_toplevel (self->priv->panel));
error = NULL;
ok = gnome_rr_config_apply_persistent (self->priv->current_configuration,
self->priv->screen, &error);
begin_version2_apply_configuration (self, window,
if (!ok)
error_message (self, _("Failed to apply configuration"), error->message);
g_clear_error (&error);
#if 0
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