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    region: Ensure that system and user formats are consistent · 30470d72
    Rui Matos authored
    The formats (or 'region') setting might be unset meaning that it's the
    same as the language since that's what LC_TIME et al default to when
    We already handle this for the user setting but for the system setting
    we're losing that semantic when getting it from localed since we don't
    allow priv->system_region to remain unset. This means that when users
    change the system language, the system formats will be explicitly set
    to the previous value of the system language instead of remaining
    unset and thus follow the new value for the system language.
    This isn't that bad on multi user systems where we display system
    settings separately from user settings, but on single user systems we
    change the system values to match the user values which, due to the
    above mentioned semantic difference regarding the region setting,
    means that when changing the language, the (unset) region will be
    displayed as the same as the language but the system region will be
    explicitly set to the previous language.
    Fix this by making the system region have the same semantic as the
    user's, i.e. allow it to remain unset until explicitly set by the
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