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Bring it relatively up to date.
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......@@ -55,16 +55,15 @@ The simple goal of ostbuild is that it only takes as input a
"manifest" which is basically just a list of components to build. You
can see an example of this here:
A component is a pure metadata file which includes the git repository
URL and branch name, as well as ./configure flags (--enable-foo).
There is no support for building from "tarballs" - I want the ability
to review all of the code that goes in, and to efficiently store
source code updates. It's also just significantly easier from an
implementation perspective, versus having to maintain a version
control abstraction layer.
While the goal is to always build from Git, it's also possible to use a
tarball as a starting point, especially for low level components, or for
components that are not hosted in Git; ostbuild will take the tarball,
explode it, and put its contents into a Git repository.
The result of a build of a component is an OSTree branch like
"artifacts/gnomeos-3.6-i686-devel/libxslt/master". Then, a "compose"
......@@ -75,7 +74,7 @@ Doing local builds
This is where you want to modify one (or a few) components on top of
what comes from the server, and test the result
what comes from the server, and test the result
locally. I'm working on this.
Doing a full build on your system
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