Commit 62ce9f16 authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

Revert "Bump up WebKitGTK to 2.19.2"

This reverts commit d84eb2e3.

Nope, still can't find whatever it is that it's looking for in libwebp.
parent d84eb2e3
......@@ -855,9 +855,9 @@
"name": "enchant",
"checksum": "2fac9e7be7e9424b2c5570d8affe568db39f7572c10ed48d4e13cddf03f7097f"},
{"src": "tarball:",
{"src": "tarball:",
"name": "webkitgtk",
"checksum": "439e88894accd4849d218b29a0755d25aa6c79224fc700206c860108d223d4c3",
"checksum": "b14cb3f1b5321b1dc50abcc0445a97f8e2f8813562bca7ce4d2f8069f6fec8e7",
"patches": ["webkitgtk-cmake-buildapi.patch"]},
{"src": "gnome:libgee",
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