Commit 4638cc5d authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

Untag libqmi and libmbim

Issues should have been fixed upstream, and ModemManager needs newer
parent a394c477
......@@ -556,14 +556,10 @@
{"src": "git:git://"},
{"src": "fd:libqmi",
"tag": "88ca109f9ca29fcff9651e2ac8930e6c3600ac64",
"tag-reason": ""},
{"src": "fd:libqmi"},
{"src": "fd:libmbim/libmbim",
"name": "libmbim",
"tag": "7626a0784b602ea01192a068c745a21bd9095781",
"tag-reason": ""},
"name": "libmbim"},
{"src": "git:git://",
"config-opts": ["--disable-documentation", "--enable-shared"],
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