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    Add OperationList to keep track of Operations · 9aaaf69e
    Niels De Graef authored
    The code in `Contacts.MainWindow` that has dealt with operations is
    problematic in several ways:
    * It only kept track of the last operation, and didn't do that well
      either as it could easily be overwritten
    * Due to `Contacts.DeleteOperation` being irreversible, it needed
      special (and buggy) workarounds
    * It repeated code for dealing with operations several times, which lead
      to copy-paste bugs.
    This commit tries to fix that by introducing a `Contacts.OperationList`
    object, which acts as a container and wrapper API for
    `Contacts.Operation`s. The most prominent extra API it provides, is that
    of postponing execution with a timeout, and being able to cancel ongoing
    operations. Both of these APIs allow us to remove any special-casing we
    had to do for delete operations.
    It also adds a `flush` API, which we can later use to prevent the
    application from completely quitting before all operations have
    finished executing.