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    macros2: Deprecate GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS · b57bae0b
    Philip Withnall authored
    Use AX_COMPILER_FLAGS instead, which comes from the autoconf-archive. It
    supports more compilers than just GCC, has a wider selection of flags,
    supports LDFLAGS, and is maintained for more projects than just GNOME.
    GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS has not been ported to AX_COMPILER_FLAGS as:
     • the default argument is a little difficult to map to
       AX_COMPILER_FLAGS’ IS-RELEASE argument; and
     • AX_COMPILER_FLAGS depends on some other macros in autoconf-archive
       licenced as GPLv3, which would potentially be tricky to copy into
    The --enable-iso-c argument is deprecated as well. Projects should
    choose which C standard they want to use, and hard-code that in their
    compiler flags. It is not something which should be set by the
    GNOME_CXX_WARNINGS is not deprecated, but may be in future.
    No further changes should be made to GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS: please make
    them to AX_COMPILER_FLAGS instead.
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