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......@@ -105,3 +105,19 @@ For installing GNOME Commander using the sources in the git repository, do the f
After executing ``./configure`` or ``./`` see the file ``INSTALL``
for detailed information regarding the installation of GNOME Commander.
### Tip for working with git ###
There exists a []( script in the main
directory of the repository. Just type ``ln -s ../../
.git/hooks/pre-commit`` to activate this script. It runs ``make`` and
``make check`` before your change will be finally committed. This is
really nice for lazy people.
### Docker ###
There exists also a [Dockerfile](Dockerfile) in the repository. At the
moment, it is for testing purposes for the Ubuntu distribution only,
i.e. when you do ``docker build .``, the GCMD sources are compiled on
the Ubuntu base image. Feel free to push a merge request if you have
cool ideas using Docker together with GCMD.
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