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noop: correct statements in

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......@@ -68,16 +68,11 @@ Plugins:
3. Building
GNOME Commander requires glib >= @GLIB_REQ@ and GTK+ >= @GTK_REQ@ libraries.
GNOME Commander requires glib >= @GLIB_REQ@, GTK+ >= @GTK_REQ@ and
libraries gnome-vfs >= @GNOMEVFS_REQ@.
Additionally GNOME Commander may require:
* gnome-vfs >= @GNOMEVFS_REQ@
Used for most of the file handling. If gnome-vfs is built to use fam
gnome-commander makes use of that functionality by being able to update
its visible directories even when files are create/deleted or changed by
other programs.
* unique >= @UNIQUE_REQ@
Optional - for uniqueness support: only one running instance at a time
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