Commit ea83c840 authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes

Release version 2.31.6

parent c6522b12
Version 2.31.6
Released: 2010-08-06
* Important note:
- This is 2.31.6, which is forked from the gnome-2-30 branch.
- If you have been using 2.31.5 or any earlier 2.31 version, then you will
notice the UI and functionality going back in time. This is unfortunate.
- GNOME 3 has been pushed back 6 months, and the GSettings and GtkApplication
code is not ready for prime-time just yet. I'm not willing to add multiple
levels of ifdef'd code for the n-permutations of distros on different GTK
and GLib versions, so people are just going to make do with 3.30.x with
a few backported bugs and translation fixes. I do apologise to the
translators, who have wasted some time on translating git master.
- This release does not use the new control center panel, GDBus or GSettings,
nor the new XDG directories location.
- I don't intend on wasting time backporting features from git master into
GNOME 2.32.x. Bugfixes will be, where they make sense.
- In my personal opinion, GNOME 2.32.0 is going to blow goats.
* Bugfix:
- Use vte_terminal_fork_command_full() as vte_terminal_fork_command() is deprecated (Richard Hughes)
- Include the trailing colon in translated strings. Fixes #619967 (Richard Hughes)
- Clean up the temporary file created by cupsGetPPD2(). Fixes rh#582202 (Tim Waugh)
Version 2.30.2
Released: 2010-06-01
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ PackageKit Release Notes
1. Write NEWS entries for gnome-color-manager in the same format as usual.
Version 2.30.3
Version 2.31.6
Released: 2010-xx-xx
......@@ -10,12 +10,12 @@ Released: 2010-xx-xx
* New Features:
* Bugfix:
git shortlog GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_30_2.. | grep -i -v trivial | grep -v Merge | uniq >
git shortlog GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_31_5.. | grep -i -v trivial | grep -v Merge | uniq >
3. Commit changes in gnome-color-manager git:
git commit -a -m "Release version 2.30.3"
git tag -s GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_30_3 -m "==== Version 2.30.3 ===="
git commit -a -m "Release version 2.31.6"
git tag -s GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_31_6 -m "==== Version 2.31.6 ===="
<enter password>
git push --tags
git push
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