Commit 94b707de authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes

Release version 2.31.3

parent 9bba3517
Version 2.31.3
Released: 2010-06-21
* Translations
- Added Galician translations (Fran Diéguez)
- Added Hebrew translation (Yaron Shahrabani)
- Added Norwegian bokmål translation (Kjartan Maraas)
- Updated Indonesian translation (Andika Triwidada)
- Updated Italian translation (Francesco Groccia)
- Updated Norwegian bokmål translation (Kjartan Maraas)
- Updated Punjabi Translation (A S Alam)
- Updated Spanish translation (Jorge González)
- Updated Galician translations (Fran Diéguez)
- Updated Hebrew translation (Yaron Shahrabani)
* New Features:
- Require GTK3 as per the GNOME release team announcement (Richard Hughes)
- Port to GtkApplication (Richard Hughes)
- Port to GDBus (Richard Hughes)
- Use the GSetting enum functionality (Richard Hughes)
- Make libnotify optional dependency as it relies on gtk-2.0 (Richard Hughes)
- Make VTE optional as it relies on gtk-2.0 (Richard Hughes)
- Require libcanberra-gtk3 (Richard Hughes)
- Require gnome-desktop3 (Richard Hughes)
* Bugfix:
- Disconnect the VTE callbacks when ending the calibration to prevent a nasty crash (Richard Hughes)
- Only emit ::added signals from the main thread, not the coldplug threads (Richard Hughes)
- Redo the graph UI in the profiles page to be more HIG friendly (Richard Hughes)
- Save the EDID MD5 hash to device-profiles.conf for xrandr devices (Richard Hughes)
- Set the calibrate button insensitive if VTE is unavailable (Richard Hughes)
- Use the same term 'calibration target' thoughout the UI (Richard Hughes)
Version 2.31.2
Released: 2010-06-02
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ PackageKit Release Notes
1. Write NEWS entries for gnome-color-manager in the same format as usual.
Version 2.31.2
Version 2.31.3
Released: 2010-xx-xx
......@@ -10,12 +10,12 @@ Released: 2010-xx-xx
* New Features:
* Bugfix:
git shortlog GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_31_1.. | grep -i -v trivial | grep -v Merge | uniq >
git shortlog GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_31_2.. | grep -i -v trivial | grep -v Merge | uniq >
3. Commit changes in gnome-color-manager git:
git commit -a -m "Release version 2.31.2"
git tag -s GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_31_2 -m "==== Version 2.31.2 ===="
git commit -a -m "Release version 2.31.3"
git tag -s GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_31_3 -m "==== Version 2.31.3 ===="
<enter password>
git push --tags
git push
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