Commit 88363617 authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes

Fix GTK3 compile by not using gdk_drawable_get_size()

parent 82d2e82a
......@@ -600,7 +600,8 @@ gcm_client_get_device_by_window (GcmClient *client, GdkWindow *window)
/* get the window parameters, in root co-ordinates */
gdk_window_get_origin (window, &window_x, &window_y);
gdk_drawable_get_size (GDK_DRAWABLE(window), &window_width, &window_height);
window_width = gdk_window_get_width (window);
window_height = gdk_window_get_height (window);
/* get list of updates */
outputs = gcm_x11_screen_get_outputs (client->priv->screen, NULL);
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