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Release version 2.29.1

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Version 2.29.1
Released: 2009-12-07
* Translations
- Add Russian translation (Alexandre Prokoudine)
- Add British English translation (Bruce Cowan)
- Add Indonesian translation (Andika Triwidada)
- Add French translation (Claude Paroz)
- Add Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
- Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (Flamarion Jorge)
- Add Lithuanian translation (Gintautas Miliauskas)
- Add German translation (Hendrik Brandt)
- Add Danish translation (Joe Hansen)
- Add Spanish translation (Jorge González)
- Add Norwegian bokmål translation (Kjartan Maraas)
- Add Thai translation (Phondanai Khanti)
- Add Polish translation (Piotr Drąg)
- Add Estonian translation (Priit Laes, Mattias Põldaru)
- Add Tamil translation (vasudeven)
- Add Russian user guide translation (Alexandre Prokoudine)
- Add Indonesian user guide translation (Andika Triwidada)
* New Features:
- Add gcm-import, a helper to allow double clicking on ICC profiles to import
them (Richard Hughes)
- Add gcm-prefs, a utility to assign profiles to devices, examine profiles, and
set session-wide defaults (Richard Hughes)
- Add gcm-session, a dbus-activated session daemon for applications to get the
profiles for a device, or device class and to get session-wide defaults.
It exits when no longer used to save resources. (Richard Hughes)
- Add gcm-self-test, a self test framework that tests GCM functionality (Richard Hughes)
- Add gcm-apply, a simple utility to just set (or reset) display profiles (Richard Hughes)
- Add gcm-inspect, a debugging utility to inspect the profiles set in the
session (Richard Hughes)
- Add gcm-dump-edid, a utility to dump the EDID to disk for debugging (Richard Hughes)
- Add gcm-dump-profile, a utility to dump the ICC profile to the screen (Richard Hughes)
- Add some simple man pages and help document (Richard Hughes)
- Add ArgyllCMS support to generate device profiles (Richard Hughes)
- Add color calibration hardware auto-detection (Richard Hughes)
- Add code to set the _ICC_PROFILE atom per-output and also per-screen (Richard Hughes)
- Add some pre-calibration steps for external displays (Pascal de Bruijn)
- Add hardware support for gphoto supported cameras (Richard Hughes)
- Add hardware support for SANE suppoerted scanners (Richard Hughes)
- Add hardware support for video4linux supported video devices (Richard Hughes)
- Add hardware support for XRandR supported displays (Richard Hughes)
- Add hardware support for hplip supported printers (Richard Hughes)
- Add CIE widget to display visual data about different profiles (Richard Hughes)
- Use the system DMI data to better itentify internal LCD panels (Richard Hughes)
- Parse the EDID to get a better device description for displays (Richard Hughes)
- Make the list orders predictable by setting a sort string (Richard Hughes)
* Bugfix:
- Use XDG directory to store data (Baptiste Mille-Mathias)
- Remove markup from GTKBuilder translatable strings (Claude Paroz)
- Update bluish.icc title (Lars Tore Gustavsen, Pascal de Bruijn)
- Enable adding xrandr devices with no EDID (Martin Szulecki)
- Avoid reporting a (false) failure on first import (Stephane Delcroix)
- Fix the message-received cb signature (Stephane Delcroix)
- Fix up numerous small bugs prior to first release (Richard Hughes)
- Look for the debian-named argyllcms binaries first (Richard Hughes)
- Set the brightness to 100% on internal LCD panels before we generate a
output profile (Richard Hughes)
PackageKit Release Notes
1. Write NEWS entries for gnome-color-manager in the same format as usual.
git shortlog GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_29_0.. | grep -i -v trivial | grep -v Merge >
3. Commit changes in gnome-color-manager git:
git commit -a -m "Release version 2.29.1"
git tag -s GNOME_COLOR_MANAGER_2_29_1 -m "==== Version 2.29.1 ===="
git push --tags
git push
4. Create tarball
make distcheck
5. Upload tarballs:
scp *.tar.gz
6. Install module
install-module gnome-color-manager-*.tar.gz
7. Do post release version bump in
8. Commit trivial changes:
git commit -a -m "Post release version bump"
git push
9. Send an email to,,,
gnome-color-manager is a session program that makes it easy to manage, install
and generate color profiles in the GNOME desktop.
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