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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • 0. Critical
  • 4. Newcomers
    Tasks that are good for new contributors
  • 1. Crash
    The issue is a crash in the software
  • To Do
    GNOME / gnome-calendar
    Things that are picked from the "Next up" (roadmap) list by developers, as things "on their plate" in the kanban board
  • Next up
    GNOME / gnome-calendar
    Priority backlog/roadmap items that are "next up" to be moved to "Todo" or "WIP" status by the core maintainers in the kanban board view
  • Other labels

  • 1. Bug
    Problems, incorrect behavior or appearance
  • 1. Cleanup
    Refactoring, technological debt, etc.
  • Issues that propose improvements to existing features
  • 1. Epic
    Initiatives and goals across modules and releases. Epics are scoped, prioritized (among other initiatives) and doable. Epics are adviced to follow a Minimum Viable Change approach.
  • 1. Feature
    New features or capabilities to be added
  • Human-perceptible delays in response time to user actions, or issues related to the excessive use of system resources like CPU, I/O, GPU, etc.
  • Issue is an unintended break of previous working behavior
  • 1. Security
    Security, privacy or safety issues
  • 2. Merge After Branching
    GNOME / gnome-calendar
    Merge after branching the main development branch
  • This merge request has been accepted but should only be merged once the module emerges from code freeze (see
  • Needs an acceptable design solution to be identified
  • The issue needs more diagnosis to triage
  • Needs additional information to be diagnosed and/or resolved
  • 2. RFC
    Request For Comments and discussions from developers
  • 3. Depends on fixes elsewhere
    GNOME / gnome-calendar
    For issues that are caused by (or depend on a platform-wide fix in) GTK, EDS, GOA, GNOME Settings (Control Center) or something else we depend on. We may keep the ticket open in GNOME Calendar as well to avoid duplicates and facilitate tracking towards resolution.
  • Issue describes something that does not need to be changed
  • Issue is too generic or is not actionable
  • 3. Not GNOME
    Issue belongs to non-GNOME software
  • Requested changes don't align with current technologies, designs or plans
  • Help is welcome to resolve the issue