year-view: Clone and modify new event when dropping

Pretty much the same rationale and implementation of the previous
parent ed7121c9
Pipeline #188627 passed with stages
in 9 minutes and 10 seconds
......@@ -1485,6 +1485,7 @@ navigator_drag_drop_cb (GcalYearView *self,
if (!is_title)
g_autoptr (GcalEvent) changed_event = NULL;
GcalRecurrenceModType mod;
GcalEventWidget *event_widget;
GcalCalendar *calendar;
......@@ -1494,17 +1495,18 @@ navigator_drag_drop_cb (GcalYearView *self,
event_widget = GCAL_EVENT_WIDGET (gtk_drag_get_source_widget (context));
event = gcal_event_widget_get_event (event_widget);
calendar = gcal_event_get_calendar (event);
changed_event = gcal_event_new_from_event (event);
calendar = gcal_event_get_calendar (changed_event);
if (gcal_event_has_recurrence (event) &&
if (gcal_event_has_recurrence (changed_event) &&
!ask_recurrence_modification_type (GTK_WIDGET (self), &mod, calendar))
goto out;
start_dt = gcal_event_get_date_start (event);
end_dt = gcal_event_get_date_end (event);
start_dt = gcal_event_get_date_start (changed_event);
end_dt = gcal_event_get_date_end (changed_event);
drop_date = g_date_time_add_full (start_dt,
g_date_time_get_year (self->date) - g_date_time_get_year (start_dt),
......@@ -1518,7 +1520,7 @@ navigator_drag_drop_cb (GcalYearView *self,
GDateTime *new_start;
new_start = g_date_time_add (start_dt, diff);
gcal_event_set_date_start (event, new_start);
gcal_event_set_date_start (changed_event, new_start);
/* The event may have a NULL end date, so we have to check it here */
if (end_dt)
......@@ -1526,12 +1528,14 @@ navigator_drag_drop_cb (GcalYearView *self,
GDateTime *new_end;
new_end = g_date_time_add (end_dt, diff);
gcal_event_set_date_end (event, new_end);
gcal_event_set_date_end (changed_event, new_end);
g_clear_pointer (&new_end, g_date_time_unref);
gcal_manager_update_event (gcal_context_get_manager (self->context), event, mod);
gcal_manager_update_event (gcal_context_get_manager (self->context),
g_clear_pointer (&new_start, g_date_time_unref);
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