Commit 9ff8396c authored by PioneerAxon's avatar PioneerAxon

Fix Malformed expression on base change.

parent 8a87706f
......@@ -237,6 +237,15 @@ public class MathEquation : Gtk.SourceBuffer
get_iter_at_mark (out ans_end, ans_end_mark);
insert_with_tags (ans_end, ans_text, -1, ans_tag);
// NOTE: Due to the inverted gravity of answer marks, after inserting text
// the positions are inverted. Hence, we need to recreate marks.
get_iter_at_mark (out ans_start, ans_start_mark);
get_iter_at_mark (out ans_end, ans_end_mark);
delete_mark (ans_start_mark);
delete_mark (ans_end_mark);
ans_start_mark = create_mark (null, ans_end, false);
ans_end_mark = create_mark (null, ans_start, true);
in_reformat = false;
in_undo_operation = false;
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