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release 3.19.4

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Version 3.19.4
It's been far too long since our last release, and things are heating up
for GNOME 3.20. Builder has underone a major overhaul since 3.18 and
still has a few major pieces still to land this cycle.
• Perspectives have been implemented to allow for clearer groupings
of application features and plugins.
• Preferences has undergone substantial redesign. Preferences now
use a custom perspective rather than a dialog window.
- There is still an height-for-width bug to resolve in the layout
of preference items.
• A new "ide" command exposing various Builder features to command
line users.
• Global search has gotten some style cleanup.
• Builders custom CSS was rewritten for recent gtk+ changes.
• A build panel has been added.
• A Todo plugin was added to track todo items.
• Perspectives can handle URI opening, allowing for perspectives
such as a "glade perspective" to handle opening .ui files.
• Builder-1.0.gir was dropped, in favor of Ide-1.0.gir.
• Embedded plugins and dependency solving now works.
• Plugin APIs were simplified.
• Multi-process separation support using IdeWorker. Plugins can now
easily move work to a subprocess and communicate via D-Bus. Jedi
has been ported to multi-process mode for Python auto-completion.
• Lots of Vim-mode improvements.
• Vala plugin improvements.
• External plugins are now supported.
• Plugins can be loaded and unloaded.
• Loads of bug and build system fixes.
• Project greeter and project creation have been rewritten for
• Plugins now have automatic resources for menus.ui and css themes.
• Various keybinding improvements.
• Control+click works for navigating to type definitions.
• scrolloffset has much improved and gained support for negative
values, which works in the opposite direction (top down).
• Search movements have been simplified.
And much, much more!
Please help us shake out the bugs by running Builder and reporting
bugs to
Version 3.18.1
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dnl ***********************************************************************
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