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Version 3.23.91
One step closer to 3.24!
We've fixed a bunch of bugs you found for us in 3.23.90. Some of those
include the following:
• Lots of transfer engine improvements
• Omnibar styling changes
• Support for flatpak has stablized a great deal
• New keyboard tooltips for various headerbar items
• Search within the terminal using ctrl+shift+f
• PTY fd ownership fixes for RustUp
• File search now ignores whitespace
• libidemm and glibmm/gtkmm dependencies were dropped as nobodoy was using
them and it will slow our migration to meson.
• Various Jsonrpc improvements for language server communication.
• A new valgrind plugin for leak tracking when testing your application.
• Meson improvements when running under flatpak.
• You can now start a new terminal inside the build runtime using
• Some new documentation is in the works, and available online at We would love your contributions here.
• The Open Project dialog now defaults to allowing you to select any
project type with the default file filter.
• More source beautifiers, including one for makefiles.
• A workaround for a GObject type system deadlock as been added. This
works around an issue where the type system would race initializing
the GZlibDecompressor type from multiple threads.
• Build pipeline subprocess launchers now inherit the environment
configured from the build configuration.
• Makecache can now handle out-of-order responses from make for lists
of target binaries. This should improve Builder's ability to run
your project successfully.
The Flatpak plugin no longer tries to build your project from
/run/build/$project due to breaking mtime and general difficulty
in keeping things consistent between subprocess executions.
This has the side-effect of reducing the predicability of source
location in debug symbols. But as flatpak-builder should be used for
release builds, this seems fine.
Various workbench UI improvements.
Builder's Sysprof-based profiler can now profile applications launched
inside of mount-namespaces, such as Flatpak.
• Builder downloaded via Flatpak includes fixes for communicating with
GNOME Code Assistance from a host installation.
• Various memory leak fixes.
• Flatpak-based configurations have improved their non-destructive
write-back to disk upon changes.
• Autogen-based projects have simplified init scripts.
Updated translations
Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, German, Kazakh, and Hungarian.
Version 3.23.90
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