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Version 3.22.90
We've been hard at work this cycle turning Builder upside down and replacing
the build engine. We now have a new build pipeline that allows for much more
flexibility for build systems and runtimes. There is certainly a bit of fallout
from this, but with your help testing, we can have these bugs shook out by
final release.
• A new IdeBuildPipeline which allows various plugins to hook stages
into the pipeline at given phases. This provides much more flexability
for plugins.
• Significant improvements to XML plugin including a symbol resolver.
• The symbol tree has a new style which makes it easier to browse.
• Support for semantic spellchecking, including comments and strings.
• Meson support has been improved and now supports building within
flatpak runtimes.
• A new beautifier plugin to cleanup source using external commands such
as clang-format, indent, or xml-lint.
• The build panel now has support for colored output from programs such
as GCC.
• Configurations are now abstracted through ConfigurationProviders so that
plugins may provide configurations. This means that flatpak json manifests
are now implemented as configurations.
• The build-tools plugin has been moved to libide and should be removed
from existing installations.
• Support for building with CMake and Ninja build system.
• Autotools, meson, cmake, ninja, cargo, flatpak, jhbuild plugins have been
rewritten to support the build pipeline.
• The terminal plugin now supports hyperlinks.
• Flatpak runtimes will be automatically downloaded using the new transfers
manager if it is missing and a build is required.
• A race condition in accessing CFLAGS for the project as configured has
been fixed due to the build pipeline.
• Plugins can register files that should be ignored in the project tree.
• Ctags now uses a custom TMPDIR for when ctags needs to create large files
for use with sort. This is necessary as /tmp is typically not persistent
storage and the files can get quite large for some projects like WebKit.
• Vim emulation improvements.
I'd like to let people know that we intend to move Builder to the meson build
system for 3.26. So that will give you 6 months to update your distributions
build infrastructure to support meson for GNOME applications.
Updated translations
Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Finnish,
Spanish, German, Kazakh, Hungarian, and Lithuanian.
Version 3.22.4
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